Granite is unmatched in both structural quality and aesthetics. Whatever your project, Granicor can help you make it a success. With some of the most productive quarries in Canada as well as state-of-the-art fabrication plants, we are able to control our raw materials from start to finish. Thanks to the specialized expertise of a family devoted to stone, Granicor has carved out a worldwide reputation for excellence.

Creating beauty out of nature…



The business was founded by an energetic stone mason named Eugene Robitaille. The Lac-Saint-Jean region was at the time experiencing a booming economy, which led to the growth of cities and more demand for stone buildings. The business opportunities and abundant granite resources in Lac-Saint-Jean led Mr. Robitaille to move his family there and found his company. The Alma plant in Lac-Saint-Jean was built at the edge of a quarry yielding black granite of excellent quality that soon caught the attention of U.S. customers. This was how the company started, modestly at first, to export some of the world’s most beautiful granites.

In 1950, after a year of training at one of New England’s most prestigious granite companies, Paul E. Robitaille joined his father’s company.

After Eugène’s death, Paul took over the company and led it to become Canada’s biggest stone producer. As early as the 1960s, Granicor began exporting to Japan. Under the young visionary’s leadership, Granicor maintained a tradition of excellence and innovation, cementing Granicor’s position as a North American leader in the granite industry. This vision and determination paved the way for construction of a modern plant near Quebec City, the first in North America to produce thin panels. The company is now run by a third generation of Robitaille who work to ensure modern, forward-looking management practices.


After over 50 years of devotion to his business, Paul E. Robitaille no longer serves as company president, but he still provides advice and guidance to the next generation.

Over the years, Granicor’s goals have remained the same: Be the best granite quarrier and producer by providing fautless service, on-time delivery, and top quality and remain an industry leader in granite quarrying and processing technologies


Granicor has thrived under the same devoted family. Well established in North America since 1922, the company owns and operates granite quarries and factories.

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